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How Handling Difficult Emotions Appropriately Can Make Divorce Easier

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It’s natural to feel some guilt when you are getting a divorce, whether you are the initiator or the other party. However, remaining in an unhappy marriage can be detrimental to both people. Since divorce involves personal finances and possible child custody issues, it is important for you to avoid two common guilt traps and deal with your feelings appropriately so that these necessary issues can be settled fairly. Being Overwhelmed with Guilt Read More»

Social Security Attorneys: 2 Ways They Can Help With Bankruptcy

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One of most complex situations for those receiving, or applying for, social security disability benefits is the need to concurrently file for bankruptcy. Whether you’re filing a chapter seven or chapter thirteen bankruptcy, or if you already have, it is important to understand how your discharge will affect your eligibility for social security disability benefits. This article outlines two considerations for those filing chapter seven or chapter 13 bankruptcy, and how a social security attorney can help throughout the process. Read More»

What Everyone Needs To Know About Workers' Compensation

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Millions of Americans work at physically demanding jobs, whether that be construction, manufacturing, or retail and food services. Because these jobs require strenuous tasks and not always optimal work environments, workers’ compensation can play an integral role in the livelihood of many. This is why every employee should be aware of the workers’ compensation policies in place that can help them. Here are a few key things everyone should know about workers’ compensation. Read More»

Why Professionals Facing Allegations Should Seriously Consider Hiring an Attorney

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A professional, whether in business, academics or medicine, will want to consider hiring a lawyer whenever accused of some type of legal wrongdoing. Attaining the status of a professional is not easy. One usually has to attend lots of schools and then spend even more years learning on the job. With this training comes responsibility, social status and high income. When faced with legal accusations, the professional obviously has a lot to lose. Read More»

Understanding Workers' Compensation Claim Denials And Appeals

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The workers’ compensation process may seem cut-and-dry, and for many people it is. Unfortunately, you may find yourself with a denied workers’ compensation claim. There are a few reasons this can happen, and there are things you can do if it does happen. The Reasons for Denial of Workers’ Comp Claims There are many reasons for denial of a workers’ compensation claim. A denial letter will contain the reasoning. Some of the most common reasons include: Read More»