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Confused About "Consumer Bankruptcy" Vs. Bankruptcy In General? Clarification That Can Help

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When you think of bankruptcy, you are probably thinking of the most basic aspects of it. A bankruptcy filing does away with your debts, wiping your financial slate clean and providing you with a fresh start. That is probably what you think of most often, but then you are thrown phrases like “consumer bankruptcy”, “non-consumer debt”, etc. This may be confusing, since you thought all debt under bankruptcy law was essentially the same. Read More»

Executors: 3 Signs That You Need To Hire A Lawyer

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If you are the one who was left in charge of handling a loved one’s estate after his or her passing, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand, and you could be worried about making sure that you handle everything the right way. In some cases, executors are able to handle their loved one’s estates on their own, but in other situations, hiring a lawyer to help is ideal. Read More»

Obtaining Trademark Registration For A Company Logo

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A single image can sometimes convey a message more effectively than written words can. Many corporate logos are instantly recognizable and serve to reinforce a certain mental image held by consumers. Entrepreneurs with plans to expand their business are at the ideal stage to officially transform their company logo into a trademark. As a company expands into new territories, it needs to distinguish itself from business competitors. A distinctive logo helps potential customers quickly differentiate between a new company and existing alternatives. Read More»

Three Tips That Will Help You Get What You Want At Your Next IEP Meeting

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Going to an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting can be somewhat stressful if you want to ask for additional accommodations or services for your special needs student. However, as their parent, you owe it to them to be as strong an advocate as possible. In order to be heard and receive what you’re asking for, start using the tips below to prepare for and participate in your next IEP meeting. Read More»

Why An Employer May Dispute Your Worker's Compensation Claim

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Sometimes, it is not the worker’s compensation insurer that denies your claim, but your employer. Here are several reasons your employer may dispute your worker’s compensation claim: Your Injury Never Happened At Work An employer who doesn’t believe that your injury took place in the workplace will dispute your claim. An employer is likely to suspect that your injuries occurred outside the workplace if you don’t report your injury immediately, don’t have witnesses, and don’t have pictures of the accident scene. Read More»