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Four Things A Child Custody Lawyer Can Do That You Can't

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If you are in the process of dealing with a child custody battle, you should not be in it alone. Being involved alone is not the best option for a parent because there are many emotions involved that can lead to major complications in the case that could set it back for you. Here are four things a child custody lawyer can do for you that you probably can’t on your own: Read More»

Tips For When You Have To Sue A Friend

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Suing someone is never fun, especially when it happens to be someone close to you. Nevertheless, situations come up, like an automobile or property accident. If you have to sue, there are some essentials that will help you to navigate such a tricky emotional process. Check out these five tips that will make your life easier: 1. Hire an Attorney First thing first: Hire an automobile injury attorney or personal injury attorney. Read More»

Common Car Accident Injuries You Might Not Notice Right Away

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Sometimes, you can get out of your car and walk away from an accident without any apparent injury. However, you might wake up a few days or even a few weeks later with terrible pain. During the aftermath of an accident, injuries can be masked by the relief that you aren’t severely hurt and from the adrenaline that comes from your fight or flight response.  The development of injuries after an accident is why you should always get checked by a doctor, even if you think you are fine. Read More»

Two Signs Your Employer May Be Committing Workers' Comp Fraud

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Save for a few exceptions, employers in every state (sans Texas) are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, some companies don’t want to go to the trouble of or spend the money getting this insurance, which often leaves injured employees with unpaid medical bills and other problems after an on-the-job accident. Here are two signs your employer may be committing workers’ comp fraud so you can take the appropriate steps to force the company to comply with the law. Read More»

4 Ways to Get Back on Track After a Debilitating Car Accident

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People who have been involved in serious car wrecks usually seem to remember their accidents occurring in slow motion. They can see it coming, but often, there are no effective defensive maneuvers they can make to prevent their catastrophic collisions. In the time that it takes to get out of the hospital, complete physical therapy, and go back to work, those who are the victims of car accidents must still pay bills, take care of themselves, and in some cases, support their families. Read More»