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Why Franchisees Should Work With A Commercial Law Attorney

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Franchising is one of the most common business models in the world. With access to a franchisor’s brand and products, a franchisee gets a ready-made business model. Franchise agreements often carry numerous legal restrictions, though. If you are a franchisee or plan to become one, you should retain the services of a commercial law attorney for the following five reasons. Intellectual Property Rules The intellectual property is often the centerpiece of a franchise agreement. Read More»

How To Avoid Losing Bail When A Defendant Skips Their Court Date

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When you are bailing someone out of jail with the help of a bail bond service, it’s essential to ensure you only bail out someone you trust. You could forfeit the entire bail amount if they do not attend court. When using a bail bond service, if you used collateral to secure the loan, you may lose that collateral. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure that none of this happens. Read More»

Contributing Factors To Your Accident With A Commercial Truck

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Truck accidents can cause devastating outcomes, from severe injuries to property damage and even fatalities. Identifying the cause of a truck accident is crucial to getting compensation from the party that caused the accident. While it is understandable that you want to avoid legal action, it can be essential in these cases. In particular, there are several common causes of truck accidents. Driver Fatigue Despite regulations limiting the number of hours truck drivers can work each day to prevent driver fatigue, some drivers choose to drive for extended periods without taking adequate rest. Read More»

How An Attorney Can Help Your Family Streamline The Probate Process

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After you have passed away, you will want to make sure that your family has been taken care of. In some cases, the transfer of an estate can go more slowly because of issues with the will and with the executor of the estate. However, if you work with a probate lawyer, you can have someone to assist your family when the time comes. Simplify the Process The probate process can be very complicated. Read More»

Why Courts Need Court Reporting Services

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You may recognize court reporters as the people in legal movies typing quickly at the front of the courtroom. While the job advanced with new technology, the general responsibilities remain the same. Some people may wonder about the necessity of court reporting services, though. Learn more about why courts need reporting services. What are Court Reporting Services? Court reporters are professional transcribers of court cases. They document a court case in excruciating detail, recording the statements of every person involved in the case word-for-word, including gestures and actions. Read More»