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How Workers' Compensation Covers Heat-Related Injuries

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For the millions of Americans who work outdoors, in non-air-conditioned warehouses, or in hot environments like factories or steel foundries, the summer months can be more than just uncomfortable—they may be actively dangerous. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set the threshold for “moderate occupational heat risk” at a heat index of 91 degrees Fahrenheit, some advocates argue that this standard is not nearly strict enough to protect employees from heat-related injury. Read More»

Bankruptcy Shake Up: What To Know About The BAPCA

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If you declare bankruptcy today, the rules that you must follow are vastly different from those in the past. Why should this matter to you? The reasons for the changes should be understood before you make any decisions, and knowing about the changes could help you to plan the timing and type of bankruptcy you may end up filing. Read on to learn more about the changes and how they affect filers today. Read More»

Do Pets Have Visitation Rights After A Divorce?

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With pets becoming more of a member of the family rather than an extra thing in the house (it wasn’t that long ago that pets did not routinely get the great treatment they do now), dealing with a pet during a divorce has become more complicated. The pet may be depressed that one person is leaving, or both spouses may disagree on who gets the pet. Pets are still considered property as far as the court is concerned, but now, pet visitation is a clause in many divorce agreements. Read More»

Understanding Your Rights During A DUI Investigation

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Nobody ever expects to find themselves pulled over on the side of the road under suspicion of DUI, OWI, or similar crime. Still, all it takes is one minor traffic violation to be pulled over by a police officer–and if you show any signs of being under the influence, the investigation will be underway regardless of whether you’re intoxicated or not. With this in mind, it’s important to understand your rights as an American citizen so you can act accordingly if you’re ever pulled over and investigated for DUI. Read More»

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy And Your Home: What You Need To Know

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If you feel like you will never be free of debt, one option that you may explore is filing for bankruptcy. There are two common types of bankruptcy: chapter 7 and chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is actually a debt consolidation plan, while chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges all of your allowable debts within a matter of months. If you are interested in filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need to understand how it affects your home. Read More»