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Social Media: Can It Help You Obtain Proof Of Your Spouse's Infidelity?

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If your unfaithful spouse repeatedly cheats on you, you may file for divorce under the grounds of infidelity. But if your spouse denies any wrongdoing and contests the divorce, a family court judge may not grant your divorce. The only way to end your marriage is to hire a family law attorney and provide substantial proof of your spouse's infidelity. To obtain proof of your spouse's infidelity, the family law attorney can take advantage of social media.

Why Do You Need Proof of Your Spouse's Infidelity?

Every state allows couples to divorce if one or both parties want to end their marriage because they don't get along or grew apart. This is called a no fault divorce. However, you gave a specific reason for why you want to end your marriage. Because of this, your case becomes a fault divorce. Your spouse can contest a fault divorce on the grounds that they didn't commit adultery. Contested divorces can create many problems for you because they can take a while to complete. To avoid this issue, the family law attorney can use social media to win your divorce case.

Social media helps you overcome a contested divorce, because it can provide real evidence of your spouse's infidelity. According to sources, social media can give unfaithful spouses a way to cheat in their marriages. In many cases, cheating spouses use different types of social media sites to find other people. 

You may try on your own to secure evidence, but if your spouse blocks you from their social media pages, you may not succeed. It's up to the family law attorney to obtain proof of your spouse's unfaithfulness.

How Can an Attorney Obtain Evidence From Social Media?

The attorney can use a number of methods to obtain proof of the spouse's infidelity, including sending out friend requests. Befriending your spouse allows the attorney to find evidence they may not find just by looking at the spouse's public page.

Once your spouse accepts the attorney's friend's request, the attorney will need to find substantial evidence of infidelity. Pictures of your spouse with other people may not be enough to win your divorce, because the people in the pictures could actually be the spouse's relatives, close friends or coworkers. The attorney needs detailed conversations, posts and other written evidence to help prove your grounds for divorce, such as explicit conversations posted on the spouse's wall. 

Once the attorney has enough proof, they may ask family court for permission to secure this evidence by contacting the sites' owners. In most cases, the owners of the sites will comply with the court's orders without any issues.

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