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Who's Fault Is It When You Slip On An Unmarked Or Obstructed Wet Floor?

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If you slip on an unmarked or obstructed wet tiled floor at a local food market, you may think that it's the store's fault for your accident. But if the store manager refuses to take responsibility for your accident, because they say you didn't pay attention, contact a slip and fall attorney. Slip and fall accident cases can be tricky to win, because attorneys must prove that it isn't their clients' fault for their accidents. The attorney you hire can look through the evidence and prove your case. Here are things the attorney will ask during your case.

Did Anyone Try to Clean Up the Wet Floor?

In order to prove your innocence in your case, the slip and fall attorney needs to find out if anyone at the store attempted to clean up the wet flooring. If the manager states that they assigned an employee to mop, dry and block off the wet area, a lawyer must prove it by looking over the cameras inside the store. Simply asking the store's employees if they tried to clean up the mess may not be the best course of action, especially if the employee doesn't want to get into trouble with the manager or admit to not following orders.

The footage from the camera may show that no one attempted to remove the water from the store before and after your slip and fall accident. If the floor became wet in the morning, and you slipped in the afternoon, the store's liable for your injuries.

In addition, it's the manager's responsibility to check behind their employees to make sure that the employees complete their assignments on time. The attorney can use the evidence to reinforce your case, and possibly win it. 

Did Something Block Your View of the Wet Flooring?

The camera may also reveal how you slipped during your accident. If you were pushing a large shopping cart at the time of the accident, the cart may have blocked your view of the wet flooring, especially if you're short in height. To reinforce this, the attorney may compare your height to the height of the cart during your case.

For instance, the attorney may ask you to stand in front of a shopping cart similar to or the same as the one you used during your accident. The attorney may take pictures of you and the cart to back up their claims that the cart obstructed your view. If the attorney can prove this area of your case, you're not at fault for your slip and fall accident, and the store is liable for your injuries. 

If you want to know more about your case or need representation, contact a slip and fall attorney like Putnam Lieb.