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Contributing Factors To Your Accident With A Commercial Truck

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Truck accidents can cause devastating outcomes, from severe injuries to property damage and even fatalities. Identifying the cause of a truck accident is crucial to getting compensation from the party that caused the accident. While it is understandable that you want to avoid legal action, it can be essential in these cases. In particular, there are several common causes of truck accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Despite regulations limiting the number of hours truck drivers can work each day to prevent driver fatigue, some drivers choose to drive for extended periods without taking adequate rest. This may significantly increase their earnings but can also create severe safety hazards. Fatigued drivers can be drastically more likely to cause an accident.

Logbook records and GPS data can establish that the driver exceeded their allowable driving hours. Legal action against the driver and their employer may be necessary to hold them responsible for an accident caused by driver fatigue. This is because both parties may be responsible for contributing to the accident. The trucking company may have set unrealistic goals, and the driver may have violated their required limits.

Improper Truck Maintenance Is A Serious Safety Hazard

Trucking companies are legally responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are maintained properly and safe to operate. Neglecting to maintain a truck correctly can lead to mechanical failures that contribute to an accident occurring. Maintenance records and inspection reports can establish the poor maintenance practices of the trucking company. This can be an essential step for proving that maintenance issues contributed to the accident.

Negligence With Cargo Securement Can Cause Severe Damage And Injuries

Inadequate training or a lack of proper equipment can lead to improper cargo securement. This is another common cause of truck accidents. Unfortunately, cargo failures can even be fatal as the heavy weight of these items could strike nearby vehicles or pedestrians with tremendous force. Collecting information such as company logs and security camera footage can be critical in building a strong personal injury claim.

Truck Drivers Must Adjust To Road And Weather Conditions

Truck drivers must be ready to adjust their driving to changes in weather, road conditions, and traffic patterns. Failing to adjust their speed and stopping distance can lead to serious accidents due to the driver losing control. Often, these accidents can lead to jackknifing or hydroplaning, which can cause the driver to lose control of the truck. Building a case may involve reviewing weather reports and traffic camera footage to show the hazardous conditions during the accident.

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