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Hiring A Skillful Attorney For Your Employer Class Action Defense

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When you and your business become the targets of a lawsuit, you want to defend yourself and your company to the best of your ability. However, you may also appreciate the fact that your best cannot come from representing yourself in court.

Instead, you need to retain someone to argue for you in front of a judge and jury. You can get the help you need by hiring an attorney to handle your employer class action defense.

Providing Proof of Your Innocence

The employees who sue you can accuse you and your business of just about anything in their lawsuit. They can claim you made them work in unsafe conditions. They can also say you did not pay them fairly, forced them to work long hours, or robbed them of benefits to which they were legally entitled.

These accusations might have no merit and can be easily disproven. When you hire an attorney to handle your employer class action defense, you can provide the judge and jury with the proof they need to find in your favor. Your lawyer will know what documentation is needed to show you are innocent of the claims the plaintiffs make against you. 

Making Legal Challenges

Further, your attorney can make sure any action taken against you follows the letter of the law. A lawyer with experience handling a matter like an employer class action defense can ensure all motions made during the case are legal and applicable to the case against you. Your attorney can also ensure the opposing side's lawyers do not use underhanded or illegal tactics to bring the case to court and give your accusers an unfair advantage over you.

Working Out a Settlement

The attorney handling your employer class action defense can also advise you on if or when it may be time to negotiate a settlement with the other side. If the evidence against you seems overwhelmingly convincing, it may prompt your lawyer to advise you to offer a settlement. Likewise, your lawyer may urge you to settle to avoid garnering negative attention in the press and from your customer base.

An experienced attorney can assist you with your company's employer class action defense. Your lawyer can provide documentation to the court to prove you are innocent of the accusations levied against you. This counsel can also ensure action taken against you is legal and may advise you on if or when to offer a settlement to close the case.