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3 Reasons Why You Need Legal Representation When Navigating Child Support Issues

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Children under 18 years are entitled to child support if their parents live separately. Therefore, if you're going through a divorce, the judge might order you to pay your ex-spouse monthly payments to support your kids. You must continue paying the agreed amount as ordered. Failure to do this might result in serious consequences since child support is a child's right. But calculating and understanding these payments is often challenging for many people. Thus, you might want to enlist the services of a family lawyer when navigating this issue. Your lawyer will assist you in the following ways. 

Calculate the Required Financial Support for Your Children

Calculating child support payments is a complex process that requires a thorough examination of your earnings and parental arrangements. You should consider hiring a lawyer to calculate the payments you're supposed to pay. They will first examine your financial documents and investigate your partner to know how much they earn annually. In addition, they will evaluate your parenting arrangement to determine how much you will contribute monthly. Your legal advisor will use this information to calculate the correct amount of child support that will guarantee your children a comfortable life.

Ensure That You Receive the Payments You Deserve 

The law gives you the right to take legal action against your spouse if they make partial payments or refuse to pay child support. In this case, your lawyer will file a claim in court to compel your ex-spouse to make the payments. The judge will then issue an order instructing your ex-spouse to pay the accrued amount immediately. 

If they continue to evade the payments, the judge could recommend other tough measures against them. For example, they might suspend their driving license until they pay the outstanding payments. In addition, the court might issue orders requiring your ex-spouse's employer to deduct the child support payments from their paycheck.

Assist You in Preparing a Legally Binding Agreement

The law gives you and your spouse the right to decide who will be living with the kids after separation. In addition, you can agree on the amount of money you will be contributing to your kid's upkeep. After agreeing on the issues, your lawyer will help you prepare a separation agreement, ensuring that you include all the essential information. Furthermore, they will make sure it is legally binding before allowing you to sign it. 

Navigating child custody issues can be challenging, which increases the risk of doing something regrettable. Therefore, you should consider hiring a family law office—such as James W Bodiford Jr Law Office—to guide you when planning your kids' future after your marriage breakup.