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Why Your Attorney Might Hire a Private Investigator

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If you are involved in a divorce where the other party is engaged in deception, such as the concealing of financial assets, or when the other party might engage in activities that can affect your child custody case, your family law attorney may work with a private investigator to uncover secrets that might be relevant to your case. This is much better than conducting an investigation on your own.

Why You Shouldn't Conduct an Investigation on Your Own

Without the skills of a private investigator, you may not know where to start your investigation. You may also take actions that would end up hurting your case rather than helping it. For example, if you are trying to investigate whether your child is being neglected, you might be accused of interfering with the parental rights of the other party.

Typical Investigations by a Private Investigator

You might believe that your ex is unfit to be a parent. However, you will need to prove this to the court with hard evidence. A private investigator can serve as a neutral third party. Also, you may need a private investigator to find out if your ex has an income and can pay child support.

Why Your Attorney May Hire a Private Investigator

In some cases, a private investigator can keep your lawyer's costs lower because they cost less money than a legal consultant. The job of your attorney is to use the evidence that is available to build a solid case for you and to also act as a legal consultant. Bringing another party with a unique set of skills can be very helpful. 

Naming Witnesses

Your attorney will likely have experience with tracking down witnesses. These witnesses can testify to your version of the events. A private investigator may also be able to find witnesses that your family law attorney missed. Also, the more your attorney knows about the witness, the easier it will be to predict whether the witness will be helpful. 

Predicting Your Ex Partner's Next Move

Regardless of whether your attorney will work with a private investigator or not, it's important to know as much as possible about your ex to predict their next move especially when you are involved in a heated and contested divorce. If your ex is engaged in shady activities, such as transferring assets to accounts that you do not know about, you must use all methods available to uncover these secrets.

If you are preparing for a divorce, talk to a family law attorney for more information.