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What Do You Need to Know About Military Divorce?

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As you approach your own divorce, you may wonder how your military service or the service of your spouse could impact your divorce. For example, you may wonder if it is worth it to hire a divorce lawyer. If you are getting a divorce and one of you is in the military, it is a good idea to consult with a professional who has experience in this area.

You Need to Consider Jurisdiction

For one, there is the matter of jurisdiction. If you or your spouse is not situated in your home state due to military service, issues of jurisdiction can arise. Divorce lawyers can help you determine who has jurisdiction over the case.

You Need to Consider Division of Benefits

Military benefits, including pension and retirement, are impacted by divorce. Equitable division may not necessarily translate to "equal division," and the length of the marriage can impact the benefits each party receives.

Physical Health and Mental Health Can Impact Your Case

When it comes to issues like spousal support, health and mental health can impact your divorce. An issue like post-traumatic stress disorder or depression could impact one's ability to work. This means they could be owed spousal support because they are not able to support themselves.

It is also important to remember that potential spousal support is also based on factors such as the length of your marriage and how much each contributed financially to the relationship.

Parenting Is a Huge Concern

Next, you need to have an understanding of a potential parenting plan. If one spouse is in the military, you will need to determine how the two of you will parent and how the two of you will divide parenting time if one party is deployed or stationed elsewhere.

Divorce lawyers can help you determine parenting time, whether through going to a court hearing or by suggesting mediation if you can work out a plan with your spouse.

Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Military divorce has a few key components you need to consider when you file. Divorce is already stressful enough, so why should you have to put up with a more difficult circumstance simply because you or your spouse is in the military?

No matter what you are going through, a divorce lawyer may be able to help. Do not be afraid to meet with a lawyer simply to discuss your case. A professional can help you decide what to do next.