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Four Things A Child Custody Lawyer Can Do That You Can't

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If you are in the process of dealing with a child custody battle, you should not be in it alone. Being involved alone is not the best option for a parent because there are many emotions involved that can lead to major complications in the case that could set it back for you. Here are four things a child custody lawyer can do for you that you probably can't on your own:

  1. Negotiate: First off, attempting to negotiate with the other parent is near impossible when emotions are running high. A child custody lawyer won't have any emotional attachment, which makes the negotiating process a whole lot easier. Most likely, the other parent will be more open to certain options when they are dealing with your lawyer rather than directly with you. 
  2. Organize: Staying organized during this emotional process can be challenging. A child custody lawyer will ensure that all of your paperwork is in order, which also ensures that no deadlines for filing certain paperwork are missed. When deadlines are missed, it really takes a toll on your case. This is especially needed should your case end up going to family court where more timelines are needed to be met, including showing up to certain court dates. 
  3. Speak in Court: Going to court is stressful enough without having to speak. It's much better for you if you have a child custody lawyer there to speak for you. This also ensures that no emotional outbursts are likely to happen, which can only damage your case if the outburst is coming from you. If you do need to speak at some point, your lawyer will be there to guide you on what to say so that nothing is said that you could end up regretting later on. 
  4. Modify: Once agreements on child custody are met, your child custody lawyer will have an idea of what your needs are, so if something comes up in the future, they are more prepared to help you make modifications. Your lawyer will also help you ensure that everything is filed properly to make these modifications happen. Be sure to document whether or not certain terms have been violated by the other parent so that this can be used to strengthen your case for modification. 

These are just four things a child custody lawyer can do that would otherwise be too much for you to handle on your own during this emotional time in your life.