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Proving Your Work Injury: When You've Been Denied Workers Compensation Benefits

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When you get injured on the job, it would seem like an easy process to file a report with your employer and begin to receive workers compensation benefits. While this happens in some cases, it is also possible that the insurance provider questions your injuries and denies you the benefits that you deserve. If you go to an independent medical exam and the doctor tells you that you aren't injured, you may feel like you have no choice but to try and start working again. If you are too hurt to work, but you are denied benefits, it's time to work with a workers compensation lawyer who can help.

Seek a Second Medical Exam

If the physician that your work place sent you to decides that you have nothing wrong with you and you can return to work, you have the right to seek a second exam from another provider. While your benefits may be denied initially, getting a second exam can help your case if you hire an attorney to seek an appeal. Attend the medical exam and follow through with any recommended treatment. While your injuries may be difficult to see, it's important to work closely with treatment providers to establish the extent of your injury.

Attend All Medical Appointments

When you are trying to prove that you are injured from a work place accident, it is vital to attend all medical appointments. Be honest with your providers and make sure that you follow up with any specialists that are recommended. If you are told that physical therapy is going to help you recover, begin seeking treatment as soon as a referral is made. When you are claiming you are hurt, you have to work as hard as you can to get better. 

Appeal the Decision

You can appeal the initial decision to deny you workers compensation benefits. This is why you get a second exam and work hard with treatment providers, because you are gathering proof of the existence of your injury. At this stage, many people hire a workers compensation attorney to help them get through the process. It can be intimidating to appeal a workers compensation denial, and you may want legal representation on your side.

When you are hurt because of a work place accident, you are entitled to receive compensation benefits until you recover from your injuries. If you've been denied benefits, it's time to talk with a legal professional about your case. Click to find out more.