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4 Ways to Get Back on Track After a Debilitating Car Accident

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People who have been involved in serious car wrecks usually seem to remember their accidents occurring in slow motion. They can see it coming, but often, there are no effective defensive maneuvers they can make to prevent their catastrophic collisions. In the time that it takes to get out of the hospital, complete physical therapy, and go back to work, those who are the victims of car accidents must still pay bills, take care of themselves, and in some cases, support their families. In the interim, these four action-oriented steps can help you to preserve your lives while recovering and pursuing your personal injury claim. 

1. Work With Your Employer - Whether you believe that you will be able to go back to work in a few months or if there is no definitive date in which you will be able go back to being gainfully employed, it is important that you keep the lines of communication open with your job. Some personal injury victims find themselves losing tenured positions only because they did not let their employers know that it could be a long time before they can return to work.

2. Explore Disability Options - It is hard for a lot of people with pending personal injury claims to even request more information about what filing for disability entails. Some short term disability claims are actually available via employer sponsored medical insurance programs, so don't assume that going on disability means that you are not going to work again.

3. Use Your Savings - You shouldn't immediately drain your retirement account and you don't have to sell all your stocks, but if you have any other way of liquidating extraneous assets, look into these options right away. This is also the optimal time to sell your secondary vehicle, if you have it, and get rid of any other items that are a financial burden.

4. Meet With Personal Injury Attorneys - You may have been offered a settlement amount from the auto insurer, or you may already be prepared to go into a courtroom to prove your claim. In either case, don't make any choices until you have met with personal injury lawyers like those at Spesia & Ayers Attorneys At Law. Every day that you spend out of work recovering is another chance you may have to increase your personal injury settlement. Most car accident claims aren't resolved in the victim's favor unless they have an attorney on their side, so find out how you can get representation as soon as possible.