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Four Reasons You Should Find A Personal Injury Lawyer To Help With Your Worker's Comp Case

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If you have hurt yourself in the workplace, you might feel like you are only going through the motions with your worker's comp case. If you are worried that your case isn't being handled correctly or timely, it might be time to call in a personal injury lawyer to look over your claim. Here are four instances you might want to bring in a lawyer to help with your pending worker's comp case.

1. If Your Employer Tries to Diminish Your Dispute

If you work for a smaller business but have hurt yourself on the job, your employer might feel really bad about this, but might drag their heels when it comes to putting through your worker's comp paperwork. If your employer tries to offer you alternate compensation or to pay for your medical bills themselves, it might be time to find a personal injury lawyer. Worker's comp should be put in place to protect you and shouldn't be handled off the books.

2. If You Have Missed Work or Have Longstanding Injuries

If your worker's comp claim is slowly working its way through the system but you cannot work or have extensive medical bills piling up in the meantime, you may need a lawyer to speed things up. While you might be worried that this will just be an additional expense, they can actually help get your case moving. Your lawyer can swiftly ensure that you are compensated for time out of work and get you reimbursed for medical bills.

3. If Your Claim is Denied

Many times, worker's comp claims are denied by employer's insurance agencies because they don't really think that employees will pursue this further. If this happens to you, a personal injury lawyer can help you re-file your claim. This will show that you mean business when it comes to being compensated for your injuries.

4. If the Settlement Offered Doesn't Cover Your Expenses

On the other hand, if your worker's comp claim is settled, you might be left scratching your head at the disconnect between what you have been offered and what your mounting bills have become. If this is the case, finding a personal injury lawyer that can fight for a larger settlement or take your employer to court. They can reopen your case to get you a settlement that is more in line with your needs.

Getting hurt on the job is never fun, and you have a right to be compensated fairly for your injuries. While you might feel an allegiance to your employer, if they aren't treating you right in your time of need, a personal injury lawyer can be on your side and ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve. For more information, contact a firm such as Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S.