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Social Security 101: 4 Things Everyone Filing For Disability Should Know

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Disability benefits can be a huge life-saver when you can no longer work. The income from Social Security can help you live comfortably and stay up-to-date on your bills. Unfortunately, receiving these benefits can sometimes be a lot more difficult than anticipated. The good news is that you can make it much easier to receive the benefits you need.


By following these four tips:

1. Include a Comprehensive List of Your Medical Problems

When applying for benefits, you might think you only need to list your most severe medical problem. Unfortunately, that is entirely wrong. Put simply, every single health issue you have is counted. Social Security looks at your application and takes into account all of your health problems. If you only list one issue, your application might be denied. So even if your health problems do not relate to each other, or they aren't serious, make sure you include them on your application.

2. Ensure Your Doctor Documents Everything

Another thing you need to be vigilant about is reporting your symptoms to your doctor. Additionally, make sure that your doctor is taking note of each symptom you mention. Whether it's a migraine or an adverse reaction to medication, Social Security needs to know that your doctor is fully aware of your health issues. Also, make sure that you visit your doctor regularly so that you avoid gaps in your history.

3. Apply Early

You might think that you need to fully disabled for months or years before you apply for benefits, but that is also wrong. As soon as you are deemed unable to work, you should begin filing for benefits. Remember, the process is slow and it might take a while before Social Security reviews your application. So the sooner you turn it in, the better it is for you.

4. Hire an Attorney

Finally, you might want to consider hiring a Social Security attorney. Disability laws can be complex, especially if you aren't familiar with the language they use on the forms. An attorney can help you understand the paperwork and appeal your case if needed. They can also help you fill out your application and collect your medical information.

While filing for Social Security disability might seem like a difficult task, it doesn't need to be. With these tips, you will be well on your way to receiving the benefits you need to make your life happy, healthy, and comfortable. If you're interested, click here to continue reading more about Social Security disability claims.