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3 Signs That A Store Owner Might Be Responsible For Your Slip And Fall Injury

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Slipping and falling in a store is more than just embarrassing—it's also dangerous and can result in serious injury. If the accident was your fault, such as if you were running and weren't being careful or if you weren't wearing proper footwear, then all you can really do is try to heal and move on. However, if the store owner was at fault, it's important to hold him or her responsible. Then, the store owner will have to help pay your medical bills and will know to be more careful in the future. These are a few signs that the store owner might be responsible for your slip and fall injury.

1. There Was No Wet Floor Sign

If the floor in the store is wet due to mopping, a spill or wet outdoor conditions, it is generally the store owner's responsibility to let customers know about it so that they can proceed with caution. If you slipped and fell on a wet floor and there was no "wet floor" sign present, you might have a case.

2. The Floor is in Poor Repair

A store owner is supposed to keep his or her store flooring clean, cleared and in safe condition. If the floor is in poor repair—such as if there are cracks or dents in the flooring—then it poses a danger to all of the customers who shop in the store. Since it is the store owner's responsibility to keep the floor in proper repair, you could be able to hold him or her responsible if you slipped and fell due to flooring that was in poor condition.

3. There is Poor Lighting

Some store owners might think that low lighting creates a nice ambiance, but too-low lighting can be dangerous and can cause customers to trip, fall and otherwise hurt themselves. If you feel that your accident might have happened because of the poor lighting in the store, a slip and fall attorney can talk to you about your case.

It is important to hold store owners responsible when they are at fault for slip and fall accidents because it can help keep other customers safe in the future. Plus, you might need help with your medical bills and other accident-related expenses. If any of these three things apply to your injury or if you otherwise think that the store owner might have been responsible for what happened, then you should talk to a slip and fall attorney like Robert M Kaner Attorney as soon as possible.