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Frequent Questions From Clients Going Through Their First Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Suffering a major injury can be a devastating and life changing experience for you to go through. Sadly, there can be instances where these accidental injuries were not your fault, but rather resulted from the actions of another person. Those that have had the unfortunate luck of suffering injuries due to the negligence of another person have legal options for being awarded compensation for these injuries. While navigating the court system can be a complex affair, you might benefit from knowing the answers to these two questions about this process.

What If You Are Unable To Pay For Medical Care Without Your Settlement?

It is an unfortunate reality that these accidents can happen to individuals that are the least able to pay for receiving the medical care that they need to recover. Some people may assume this means they need to settle as quickly as possible to ensure they are able to get treatment, but this is not actually what you should do.

Your attorney may be able to arrange for you to continue your treatment without having to pay until the case has been resolved. When a settlement or verdict is reached, the expenses from your medical care will be paid from the award you are given. In the event that your case is unsuccessful, you will be required to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket, but the medical provider will allow you to make payment arrangements until the balance is settled. 

What Will An Appeal Be Like If You Lose Your Initial Hearing?

While your attorney will do everything in their power to successfully represent your case, there is always a chance that your trial may not turn out like you want. Following a loss in your first trial, it will be necessary to appeal the case, but this is a process that is often extremely misunderstood. 

You should be aware that an appeal will almost never involve another trial. Rather, your attorney will submit written arguments pointing out flaws in the trial or the misapplication of established law by the judge. It can take several weeks or months before the appeal is settled, and while you may feel somewhat stressed waiting for this part of the ruling, it is the only option for pursuing a case that lost its trial. 

Being involved in an accident that caused major injuries can be stressful because of the dire need you may have for compensation following these accidents. By realizing that you can still receive medical care while your case is pending and what the appeal will entail, you can be better prepared for going through this process. 

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