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Three Strategies To Know For Dealing With A Marijuana Charge

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When you need to give yourself the best possible strategy after being arrested and charged for marijuana, it pays to make sure that you put your best foot forward in terms of legal defense. This can be a troublesome time in your life, but it will only worsen if you don't do your part in protecting yourself in the court room. To be sure that you are able to tackle this in the best way, read on and use these objectives. 

Learn The Penalties And Laws Of Your Particular State

As you probably have surmised based on the many legalization developments that have occurred in recent years, every state has its own set of marijuana laws. You should start to learn some of these state based laws, even before reaching out to an attorney for representation. For example, any amount 200 grams or less is considered a misdemeanor, which can come with a maximum jail sentence of a month. Possessing greater amounts will give you a felony record and can land you in jail for many years, depending on how much marijuana you were arrested for. By understanding the laws of your state, you'll be in a better position for navigating the legal system. 

Understand The Legal Defenses That You Can Employ

To make sure that you are giving yourself the greatest chance of acquittal, you'll need to figure out the strategies that will work for you. Some examples of strategies for marijuana defense include a claim of improper and illegal searches and seizures, a claim that the police did not have a proper warrant and a defense that the substance found in your property or on your person was not actual marijuana. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to look out for you in this regard, so that your case is handled properly. 

Hire A Quality Criminal Defense Attorney

The most important step for getting the most of your criminal defense from a marijuana charge is to hire a lawyer (like those at the firm of Begley Carlin & Mandio LLP). Seeking the help of such an attorney will allow you to either put together the best defense or seek a settlement for your drug charge. Learn exactly how they have represented people in your situation in the past and find out how they plan to put together your case. 

Using these three great strategies will help you with your marijuana charge, so that you can do your best to defend yourself.