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What Mediation Can't Do When It Comes To Divorce

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Mediation is a great way to finalize a divorce without courts or drawn out settlements. If you and your ex-spouse are on the same page about your divorce and are fairly amicable, then mediation might be the way to go. On the other hand, there are some things that mediation just cannot cover when it comes to divorce. Her are four things that mediation cannot do for you.

1. Mediation Won't Get Your Ex-Spouse Back

If you are divorcing through mediation because you want your ex-spouse back, this is the wrong outlet for your hopes. Mediation isn't marriage counseling. It is environment to sort through divorce matters, not what went wrong in a relationship. If your ex-spouse is the one seeking a divorce, you need to come to terms with the fact that divorce is happening and protect your future.

2. Mediation Can't Solve Differing Opinions on Custody

If you or your ex-spouse are not willing to budge when it comes to a custody agreement, mediation might not be able to help. There just might not be a solution that you can both sign off on. You may have to source a divorce attorney (like those at the Law Offices of Gordon Liebmann) and bring your case in front of a judge that can make tough decisions that you might not be thrilled about, but a decision must be reached.

3. Mediation Can't Make Your Ex-Spouse Agree with You

Sometimes mediation can turn sour and can be difficult, but if you have an ex-spouse that won't even meet you halfway this can fall apart. If your ex-spouse is stubborn, won't discuss issues, and won't come to agreements, forcing them into divorce court with a lawyer might be your only option.

4. Mediation Can't Make You Settle

If you feel as if your ex-spouse is asking for too much as a settlement from a divorce, you don't need to give into this pressure. If you don't feel as if a settlement is fair or that you might be giving up too much for alimony or child support, don't settle, seek out a divorce lawyer to help. Take your ex-spouse to court if you feel that your case is valid and your ex-spouse is asking too much of you.

If mediation can work for you, then this is a great option to swiftly come up with a settlement for divorce. If there are any factors in your divorce that might make this a little more complicated, taking your ex-spouse to court might be advised. If your divorce has move beyond what mediation services can provide, find a divorce lawyer to represent your case in court.